I met composer and professor Rafaël Carosi by total chance when he mixed up my desk in an incubator with someone else’s. A few month later, we were working on the visual adaptation his first solo project, Distortions. What do you want me to say !


His project resonated with me both by the depth of research and discourse it holds and its unconventional composition, blending live classical & electric guitar musical phrases with drone modular synthesis and techno music, all played live!


It became clear early in the creative conversation that traditional approaches of live visuals backed by finite video sequences wouldn’t cut it. The final system consists in a real time texturing architecture allowing for complete reinterpretation and improvisation on the fly, with successive layers of textures and effects. A few parameters are also directly linked to a gesture control interface, allowing me to influence the whole projection in real time with only a bare hand.


The premiere took place in summer of 2019 during Coucool festival, within the immersive dome of the Oyé collective with 360° projections

/ Scope

360° projection - real time textures - gesture-controlled parameters  

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