👀 Vision


The frontiers between disciplines, media, physical & digital are vanishing upon us, fusing into iridescent torrents of expression.

I enjoy exploring these new, uncharted territories through creative, reflexive, poetic uses of technology and media research.

 process is the message 

Age, degrees and resumes are on the verge of total irrelevance. I truly believe that our way of doing things, our willingness to learn, evolve and respect one another are the things that will ultimately prevail.

Doing work we believe in, that we think matters, and with honest, passionate people. This is it, the whole idea, right there.


The years spent at the forefront of ‘creative industries’ got me to scout & assemble improbable teams of niche talents around even more niche ambitions. I loved it.

Gather people, make visions collide, witness the unexpected, head home with some answers & loads of fresh new questions, repeat.

I embrace collaborations as much as I can, trusting serendipity to craft an unpredictable creative path, moving me back and forth, from digital strategy to immersive movies, from A/V live performances to B2B solution design.

 from collision to fusion 

This crave for randomness and exploration allowed me to craft a vision I’m enthusiastic to share with other creators, obviously, but also industries & corporations, as soon as they consider new ways to do things. In essence, more respectful, transparent & sustainable collaboration methods.

It seem crucial, now more than ever, not to close ourselves within our own beliefs, however creative or durable they may be. I don’t believe in “agencies” promises anymore, I have a lot of thoughts about luxury and fashion industries as a whole, that is a fact.

Yet, these are the kind of cultural nodes we need to work with if we want to root more open, and collectively more desirables futures. This is also how global change can emerge, and it matters.

 sustainable approaches of creativity 

Solving the creation vs business equation almost always requires to cut off the notion of creation itself, while too few, in my opinion, try to reconsider the business side of things, so that’s where I’ll go.

First, stop the bleeding. Squeezing our creatives minds until they break appart makes absolutely no sense, yet this is the current model we’re guided into. Being competitive is a thing, but staying sane remains another.

Our limited supply of original thoughts gets swallowed, digested in a global, unstoppable inertia, unforgiving to broader – yet necessary – visions.

Beyond carbon neutral and environnement friendly approches, sustainable creativity starts with the way we treat our own minds, our ideas.

As in every other aspect of post-modern societies, we need to decelerate, to rethink our cycles. Creativity is a building block of our commons, art is more that what goes by your damn copy.

Permaculture, permaeconomy are a thing, why shouldn’t permacreativity? this is the main question addressed by rosettta, a personal reflection started in 2017 and whom principles now underlie all my work. The whole thing will be shared publicly at some point, it’s just not ready for that yet.

If you made it this far, thank you for your time, and if you still want to know more, then we should definitely talk!