Infinity room light installation produced for a private event un Gent, Belgium.


I met composer and professor Rafaël Carosi by total chance when he mixed up my desk in an incubator with someone else's. A few month later, we were working on the visual adaptation his first solo project, Distortions. What do you want me to say


Ongoing collaboration with visual artists Sophie Le Meillour, exploring chemical reactions of natural substances to achieve artificial aesthetics.

Apoptose VR

VR adaptation of our project Apoptose More info available on the project page


Live visuals & stage design - 2018 Mysterious french producer Juanita reached out during the winter of 2017. He was looking for a visual & scenic interpretation of his work, whom narrative depth stroke me at first listen, I was sold in seconds.   The premiere happened in Early


Apoptose refers to the process by which cells trigger their self destruction in response to a signal. This is one of the possible pathways of cell death which is necessary for the survival of multicellular organisms. The project, a collaboration with French, Geneva-based visual artist Sophie