Track record of exhibitions, shows, talks and panels I took part to.

 exhibitions & screenings 


Site-specific installation  + 

October 2019
Private event
Gent, Belgium 🇧🇪

Among the living

Site-specific installation  + 

June 2019
Opening event
La Cité Fertile, Pantin 🇫🇷

May 2019
Wakana Reunion
Wakana Lake, Malaga 🇪🇸

Apoptose VR

Immersive animated short movie  + 

October 2018
Oslo Night
Haus der elektronischen Künste (H3K), Basel 🇨🇭

September 2018
Apoptose : Immersive exhibition
Flux Laboratory – Geneva 🇨🇭


Immersive dome screening  + 

September 2018
Swiss Innovation Week
Swiss Embassy – Beijing 🇨🇳

November 2017
Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF)
Pittoëf Theater – Geneva 🇨🇭

October 2017
Hubweek Festival
Swissnext Pavillion, Boston 🇺🇸

 shows & performances 


A/V Live  + 

July 2019
Coucool Festival
Oyé Circus, Somewhere in a forest 🇫🇷


A/V Live  + 

July 2018
Canal 180 Festival
Abrantes 🇵🇹

December 2018
Festival des Lumières off
Le Sucre –  Lyon 🇫🇷

April 2018
Mirage Festival
Les Subsistances – Lyon 🇫🇷

 talks & panels 

Exploring Digital utopia

September 2017 – Panel – Hubweek Festival – Boston 🇺🇸

Discussion about immersive digital format and imaginaries, along with with David G. Rabkin (US), Sophie Le Meillour (FR), Paola Gazzani Marinelli (CH), Patrick Pomerleau (CA) and François Moncarey (CH)

Imaginaries at the age of artificial creation

June 2016 – Talk – Futur en Seine – Paris 🇫🇷

How could the actual artificial intelligence boom blend with our self-mediated expectation of the future?

Unchain My Art

October 2017 – Panel – Elevate Festival – Graz 🇦🇹

A conversation about the state of creative copyright in digital societies and upcoming game changers, among which blockchain technology.

Cultural entrepreneurship

October 2017 – Panel – Elevate Festival – Graz 🇦🇹

A rich conversation addressing the necessity to escape the velocity of art as a business and creators economic position in post-modern societies

Innovation in cultural industries

May 2016 – Panel – European Lab – Lyon 🇫🇷

As digital maturity irrigates modern societies new models of creation blending exploration and business emerge.


October 2015 – Talk – Dizaïn #26 – La Gaité Lyrique – Paris 🇫🇷

What if media art could irrigate cities and public places with practical yet oniric information?