process as a message

In our convergent epoch, the frontiers between disciplines, media, seem to vanish. Once stances on their own, they now fuse into irridescent torrents, liquid forms of expression.

I enjoy exploring these new, uncharted territories through creative, reflexive, poetic uses of technology and media research, with the inner belief that the method and the process followed to navigate those unsailed seas hold most of the final substance of each project.

This crave for randomness and exploration allowed me to craft a vision I'm enthusiastic to share with other creators, obviously, but also industries & corporations, as soon as they consider new ways to things. In essence, more respecful, transparent & sustainable collaboration methods.

from collision to fusion

Spending years at the forefornt of creative technology campaigns and media art projects got me to scout & assemble agile teams of niche talents around even more niche ambitions.
I sort of fell in love with this role of gathering people, make visions collide, to finally head home with anwsers, sure, but most importantly fresh new questions.

At some point I realized that being curious about pretty much everything is a luxury, and I now embrace collaborations as much as I can, trusting serendipity to craft unpredictible creative paths, from digital strategy to immersive movies, from A/V live performances to B2B tech solution design.

I also aim to bring the idea of residencies approaches, obvious in the art world, to others industries, as a way to trigger more comprehension and empathy towards creators, creativity as a state of mind. Art ins't what just goes by your copy.


Solving the media art & business equation almost always requires to cut off the notion of media art itself, while too few, in my opinion, try to reconsider the business side of things, so that's where I'll go.

Pushing ourselves too hard until we break appart makes absolutely no sense, yet this is the current model we're guided into. Being competitive is a thing, but staying sane remains another. Beyond carbon neutral and environnement friendly approches, sustainability starts with the way we treat our own ideas, the most precious ressource of our monkey brains. Today made disposable, merchandised, choppable, our limited supply of original thoughts gets swallowed and digested in a fast-paced content inertia, unforgiving to broader yet necessary visions.

Let's decelerate, rethink the cycle, and shape our own creative future without loosing ourselves in the process. Permaculture, permaeconomy are a thing, why shouldn't permacreativity? those are the questions addressed by rosettta, an initiative I founded and whom principles, I hope, will underlie all my future projects.

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